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What is Numicon?

In recent years we have introduced a new approach to our in class mathematics activities and homework involving a resource called Numicon. Numicon helps children to understand number and arithmetic practically through use of a set of colourful plastic pieces representing number ideas. It is also a fantastic tool to involve you in supporting your child’s progression in mathematics.

Not only is Numicon a fun way of learning mathematics but it also provides confidence for children with number, shapes and patterns. The use of Numicon in school is always met with enthusiasm by the children and it has proved to be very successful. By carrying out the activities at home, the children will have the opportunity to consolidate their learning with an already familiar resource. For more information about Numicon please click here.

All of the Dolphins are given a special Numicon bag to keep at home which contains the resources needed to complete the activities listed below.

In the newsletter each week we will let you know the mathematics that has taken place in class that week and which Numicon activity this relates to for you to play at home with your child. By following the activities in this way it will help consolidate the learning taking place in class and should not be confusing for your child. These activities and games can be viewed on a tablet. 

Have lots of fun!

The activity cards.......

The early activities (Section 1) are for getting to know the Numicon shapes and learning their patterns. The first example uses the feely bag.

On all the activities and games there are instructions and a list of resources. They all follow a similar format. Here are some hints and tips for successful Numicon fun at home…….

  • Try and find a quiet corner where you can play, avoiding times when your child’s favourite tv programme is on!
  • Little and often, play for no more than 15 minutes. Set a timer.
  • If your child is uncertain of what to do, explain whilst you demonstrate what to do.
  • Be enthusiastic and praise often.
  • Discuss the game/activity and make sure all your resources go back in the bag for next time!

Section 1: Constructing meaning for the Numicon shapes

This section involves matching, ordering, grouping and linking the Numicon shapes to numbers and numerals. This section is great to 'dip' into at any time! Click on the piece of numicon to access the activity card. 

Section 2: Counting to 20 and beyond

This section involves counting forwards and backwards, grouping and linking Numicon shapes with numbers and numerals.  

Section 3: Pattern

This section involves patterns and odd and even numbers.

Section 4: Developing mental recall of addition facts of numbers to 10

This section involves addition games and activities. 

Section 5: Developing mental recall of subtraction facts of numbers to 10

This section involves subtraction games and activities. 

Section 6: Place value

This section involves place value games and activities. 

Section 7: Beginning to understand inverse

This section involves addition, subtraction and a game about inverse.

Section 8: More place value

This section involves place value games. 

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